Patio Problems

Patio Problems

30 October 2014
Article Patio Problems

Empty patches of soil are quickly taken over by both annual and perennial weeds, so a well-planted border is far less likely to be able to support these annoying additions to your garden.

Farmers use a technique of cover crops - a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil. This means that firstly their important soil doesn’t get washed away and the exposed soil doesn’t end up full of weeds that remove the nutrients for the real crop. In gardens you can use a similar method - if you have gaps in your borders, plug them by planting ground covering plants. You'll never be able to completely stop weeds from popping up but by minimising bare patches of soil, you give weeds less chance to grow.

Weeds can be extremely annoying in hard landscaped areas. Patios suffer from weeds growing between the slabs and in damper conditions moss can also prove troublesome.

Thankfully the Speedweeder can eradicate this problem. Less bulky than an old knife and more nimble that a paving brush, the tip of the Speedweeder can get into the smallest of cracks where the root of the weed has taken hold. With a quick flick, the weed including root is removed.

Obviously, this does involve kneeling, so we recommend a good kneeling pad, but you will find this method removes the weed from the root ensuring it won’t grow back.


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